Track: New Zealand’s Ruby Frost will ‘Never Be Your Baby’ – a charming slice of luminescent indie pop.

Cantering along with a vivacious bounce, and with that essential dash of yearning necessary for a good pop song, the new single from New Zealand’s Ruby Frost ‘Never Be Your Baby’, is a sparkling and luminescent track that exudes rays of sunshine despite a more melancholy subject matter. Frost says the track is about:

An almost-relationship that never happened. It’s about letting go of something you never really had, realising all the possibilities you imagined in your head are never going to exist.

Unrequited love never sounded so bright and optimistic. The song is accompanied by a charming do it yourself video crafted in the confines of lockdown (surely the greatest contributor to creativity despite its horrors). Frost says:

I wanted to build a makeshift theatre, and had a lot of fun making props out of cardboard and tinfoil. We stayed up till 4.30am one night, shooting on an old shaky camcorder.

The result fits perfectly with the candy pop sound:

‘Never Be Your Baby’ can be streamed through the link below.

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