Track: Perth’s The Faim unveil the blistering anthemic single ‘Ease My Mind’.

With a rousing chorus and a driving, energising pace, the new single from Perth band The Faim is pure pop rock adrenalin that rides on a crest of crystalline guitars and mountainous riffs.

Bassist, keyboardist and songwriter Stephen Beerkens talks about the meaning behind ‘Ease My Mind’:

‘Ease My Mind’ was written last year, during a very unpredictable period of my life. Unable to do the things that meant the most to me, I found myself dealing with stress and emotions I’d never experienced. During this time, I was constantly looking for someone or something to lean on and wrote ‘Ease My Mind’ about processing and dealing with these emotions.

The emotion bleeds into the delivery; heartfelt and impassioned vocals that are powerful and melodic with an instrumentation creating a scintillating pulse-quickening thrum.

The accompanying video is a snappy performance piece that reveals an enigma and class about the band – fresh, entertaining with a self-deprecatory sense of humour lurking under the surface. This band is the full package:

‘Ease My Mind’ is out now though BMG Records and available to download and stream here.

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