Say Psych: Track: The Underground Youth – Fill The Void

There aren’t many bands around in the gloomy world of contemporary psych and post-punk who can even come close to The Underground Youth in terms of sheer, relentless work ethic. Since the release of the band’s eighth LP What Kind of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? in February 2017 the band have embarked on four extensive European tours as working on new music. With their ninth album in the works, the band have now announced a brand new 7” titled ‘Fill The Void’ which was released last week on Fuzz Club Records.

To coincide with the release, they share a new video. Talking about the track and self-produced video, Craig explains “with this new material I was exploring new techniques in writing due to the fact I was working on, and have now finished, writing a novel. That changed my view on writing lyrics quite a lot.  Somewhat similar to the old Dadaist cut-up technique, the lyrics came from splicing together ideas from old notebooks that I recently found dating back to 2010. The video was also borne out of this same technique, focusing solely on the lyrics as they were typed out. I filmed it all really quickly and edited it the same way, it has this lo-fi urgency that I really love.”

The track has a relentless energy created through the monotony that builds in layers as the track progresses. The repetition is anything but boring however and instead becomes incredibly catchy and alluring, offering a little bit of everything we love about TUY.

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