Track: York Bedroom-Pop Breakout Phoebe Hall Shines On ‘Secrets’

An exciting talent with the ability to write honest, relatable lyricism delivered over understated yet impactful soundscapes, Phoebe Hall delivers yet another alt-pop anthem on ‘Secrets’.

Opening with a finger picked guitar line under Halls silky, effortlessly emotive and charismatic lead vocal, ‘Secrets’ quickly sets a melancholic tone while subtle, dappled atmospherics dance around her. As the tracks swells and builds into it’s pre-chorus with a deep sub bass and lo-fi beats, gradually working it’s way to the infectious ear worm chorus and glitching synths and acoustic guitar lines enter and leave the track with a sense of freedom and joyous experimentation, giving the track it’s bedroom-pop edge and adding a organic warmth to the track.

Speaking on the new single, Phoebe Hall shares: 

“‘Secrets’ was probably the hardest one to write. I remember feeling quite drained emotionally after writing this as it explored feelings in a way I never had done before. We did a lot of contemplation when writing the record and I think I discovered feelings I hadn’t realised I felt and here it was anger around my past relationship and being hidden in it.”

An excellent track that perfectly balances commercial pop with interesting productions and beautiful melodies, Phoebe Hall’s new single ‘Secrets’ is out now.

Listen below:

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