Live Review: L.S. Dunes / Pinkshift – The Showbox Seattle, Washington State 02.08.2023

Nestor Salgado

By Nestor Salgado

L.S. Dunes takes the stage at The Showbox in the bustling downtown Seattle area, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Pike Place Market. 

Post-hardcore supergroup L.S. Dunes comprises a stellar lineup of rock musicians, namely Anthony Green from Circa Survive and Saosin as the lead vocalist, Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance on guitar, Travis Stever from Coheed and Cambria, along with bassist Tim Payne and Tucker Rule from Thursday.

The performance began with Pinkshift, a pop-punk group from Baltimore, MD. Pinkshift’s “im gonna tell my therapist on you” experienced a surge of traction in 2020, thanks to its popularity on Reddit. The lead singer, Ashrita Kumar, gave a high-energy performance that showcased the band’s potential as the next big thing in the music industry.

L.S. Dunes began their performance with “Bombsquad” from their debut album “Past Lives,” which is currently their only album as of August 2023. The Seattle audience was eager to sing along to the beloved tracks from the start despite the limited discography. Certain songs emerged as definite crowd-pleasers, with “2022” and “Permanent Rebellion” among them. Nevertheless, none ignited the audience quite like “Grey Veins.” The majority of the fans, who are mostly young and filled with angst, passionately sing the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

It is clear that vocalist Anthony Green has a great affection for his fans as he jumps into the photo pit to get closer to the front row. The fans become excited and attempt to take a picture with the singer. Security had to intervene when some fans started crowd surfing and had to be removed. However, Green remained unfazed and delivered an outstanding performance. The final song played was “Sleep Cult,” which is also the concluding track on the album. It had a mellower sound compared to the other songs performed in the set, making it a perfect ending. 

It was amazing to witness the unwavering support of a newly formed band. This may be attributed to the individual popularity each member gained from their previous endeavors before coming together to create L.S. Dunes. To sum it up, they are a rising supergroup that exudes high energy and adrenaline. They truly deserve more recognition for their exceptional talent.

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