Track: Brooklyn’s wonderful Geese sign to Partisan Records, unveil an electrifying single ‘Disco’ and announce news of an album and live dates

There is a power and intensity to the new single ‘Disco’ from Brooklyn band Geese that belies their young age and explains why they have been signed to the eminent label Partisan Records.

Initial impressions are that this is a band that has been influenced by the Irish wave of post punk bands like The Murder Capital and Fontaines D.C.: expressive and lyrical poetry over a thunderous backbeat. However, ‘Disco’ takes quite a different direction – a complex and nuanced layer of instrumentation that shifts and changes, sometimes discordant and abrasive, sometimes billowing and soft, all within the same track. It’s dynamic and graceful music filled with evocative riffs and a grace and special presence. And yet it teeters on the brink of chaos and indeed fades out in a cataclysmic jumble as the song shifts and the vocals fade.

This is something that is very refreshing and new, born in a basement between school obligations and normal existence, using anything to hand to create and record. There is a youthful sullenness and vulnerability that gives ‘Disco’ its enigmatic vibe. The band says:

‘Disco’ was our first big step forward as a band. It’s a very urgent and restless song, which was indicative of all our head spaces at the time. ‘Disco’ has a lot of organized chaos at its core; the music, the lyrics, and even the way we recorded it all speak to a sort of manic energy we were all working through. It’s a song that sounds like it’s perpetually on the verge of collapse–and yet it always manages to keep itself together. There’s a bit of chaos in all of our songs, or a sense that they could explode at any moment.‘Disco’ represents that the most for us: the little bit of chaos each of us carry and bring to our music.

The single will be available to download and stream from 1 July 2021, and you can pre-order/pre-save here and have a listen through the link below.

Geese is a 5-piece from Brooklyn made up of all 19 year olds. They wrote and recorded the album in the drummer’s basement and then it was mixed by Dan Carey and mastered by Bernie Grundman. The record is coming out in late October via Partisan Records.

You can catch the band live in New York on 10 July 2021 and at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta on 23 October 2021 – full details and tickets here.

Feature Photograph: Daniel Topete

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