Say Psych: News: Mexicans Sei Still Announce Debut LP on Fuzz Club & Share Video for ‘El Camino’

Though their taut, unrelenting Krautrock inspired music might scream of West Germany, Sei Still are, in fact, a five-piece hailing from Mexico City. Their machine-like sonic experimentations emerging not out acid-fuelled jam sessions in some underground communal space tucked away in this or that German city but, instead, three friends taking a random trip to desolate Mexican woodland to work on a couple of songs that would end up leading them to start a band.

After a handful of standalone singles, the band have now signed to London-based label Fuzz Club and are now announcing their self-titled debut album out 10 April.

The first taste of the record, ‘El Camino’, is a driving NEU!-esque wig-out propelled by a sharp repetitive bassline so tight you can physically feel the tension building and building, refusing to let loose for a second. The band say of the song and video “‘El Camino’ represents the group’s idea of movement, something that’s never static and is always changing, like life itself. The idea of the video came from Txema Novelo, a close friend of the band. Txema wanted to take the Nopal (a popular Mexican cactus) and use it to symbolize the “torch” of music that has been passed around generations, with all of the members taking this torch through the hands of fellow-musicians from older generations, to finally returning it to pay tribute to iconic musician “ROCKDRIGO”, one of Mexico’s first rockers.”

It was Lucas Martin (Guitar/Vocals), Mateo Sanchez (Guitar/Vocals) and Andres Lupone (Bass/Vocals) that would first embark on that formative woodland excursion but, now fleshed out into a full band, they’re also joined by Sebastian Rojas (Synth/Organ) and Jeronimo Martin (Drums). The record itself also bolstered by the production of Hugo Quezada, who they describe as “an icon from the Mexican underground scene and a true synthesizer aficionado.”

Pre-order the vinyl here

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