See: Jovel releases new emotionally charged video for ‘The Heroine’

Taken from London RnB rapper Jovel’s debut EP The Void, The Heroine (in this case, the spelling hides the dual meaning) is the powerful tale of someone suffering with drug addiction, from the point of view of a close friend, although it turns out to be a comment on society itself. It sounds autobiographical and possibly is, but Jovel lays down his raps focusing on the story rather than the rhymes, and it makes for compelling and emotive listening. Surroinded by this straight up (indie) rock backing, but sugared by this rich vocal harmony that speaks the thoughts of the female subject matter.

It’s accompanied by an almost harrowing video, described by Jovel “we wanted a variety of different scenes to encapsulate the various emotions the song was depicting, whilst focusing solely on only the actress. The scenes set with bright natural light peering through the curtains of a darkerned room, with slow-motion shots of the actress dancing were to represent her euphoric phases, but as the video progresses we witness the guilt, paranoia…and this fantasy world of comfort and protection that suddenly comes crashing down as the effects begin to leave her system.”

Aurally and visually, it’s brilliant stuff.

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