Premiere: Damien Binder follows up his indie anthem ‘Here It Is’ with a brilliant and evocative video

Damien Binder‘s anthemic track ‘Here It is’ was recently premiered by Backseat Mafia – in my review I wrote it was an extremely satisfying indie rock track with a hint of swagger and a dash of melancholic yearning. And I naturally wholeheartedly endorse those views.

Binder has followed this up with a really clever and evocative video which we are again honoured to premiere today.

Binder’s flickering image is on a hovering vintage TV as the contents of a storage facilities – the brain where his memories are stored – float through the air. It is a treasure chest of photographs, places and moments being observed by his presence on the TV screen – an embodiment of a remote connection to the past through the tangible objects – Binder’s face flickering, fading as memories do.

Indeed, Binder says the song itself  is a kind of meditation on appreciating the moment, gratitude and impermanence, and the video poignantly captures that sense of restlessness – a storage facility being the embodiment of the transient soul without roots. We change, our memories change and tangible, permanent objects become a vital link to the past:

The video was directed by Jonathan King (videos for high profile NZ acts Fur Patrol, Bike, Stellar, King Kapisi, Greg Johnson, Second Child, Damien Binder) and who also directed the comedy horror film Black Sheep.

You can get the single here and through the normal download/streaming platforms. Binder has announced that proceeds from the sale of this release will be donated to The Lord Mayors Distress Relief Fund- to help those directly impacted by the recent bushfires in Perth, WA.

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