Live Review: The Hunna – Rock City, Nottingham 10.11.2021 plus gallery

As the screaming starts at a quick sound check and the crowd are going crazy for some classic pop punk songs (Paramore and My Chemical Romance help the time pass a bit quicker), the atmosphere in the room – Rock City, Nottingham, is becoming electric. The Hunna can’t enter the stage at a better time; the red door located slightly to the right hand side of the stage has everyone intrigued. Ryan Potter takes a seat in front of it, sending the crowd over the edge. The dramatics begin. A stripped back version of ‘One Hell of a Gory Story’ let’s the crowd know what they’re in for. Then we’re flung straight into a high energy ‘I Wanna Know’ which keeps everyone on their toes.

The night carries on and starts to feel slightly uneventful though Ryan, Daniel, Jack and Junate are showing each and every one of us just how well they do what they do. Then comes ‘Alive’; this is where the night truly begins and where the audience find their voice. After a memorable ‘Bad For You’, Kelsey Karter is warmly welcomed on stage to help preform ‘I Don’t Like You, Okay’. The combination of these two very unique voices is a great match for the distinct sound of The Hunna and Ryan lets us know that ‘that that was by far the best reaction they’d had to that song’.

Arguably, the stand out song of this setlist is ‘Babe, Can I Call?’ which keeps the crowd going. From here on out, every song gets louder and more fun. It is clear that this is what the crowd have paid for. ‘I’d Rather Die Than Let You In’ leaves the crowd wanting more. “One more song” echoes around the room before the four piece casually walk back on stage, half shirtless and one vested, causing a girlish scream to fill the room.

Ending the night on ‘Dare’, ‘Can’t Break What’s Already Broken’ (probably the heaviest song of the evening) & an extremely high tempo ‘She’s Casual’; they have saved their best for last. It’s a struggle to see the stage through hands in the air but from what is visible, they want to end on a bang and are giving their all. Throughout the night, we can feel a progression within their sound and it’s obvious that The Hunna are in a very different place now to where they started. With a thrilling show over and a new album on the way from the gang, this night is enough to get anyone excited about where they’re headed next.

Gallery (click on the picture for a full view)

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