EP Review: The Nature Strip celebrate 10 years since the release of their debut album ‘Stars Turn Inside Out’ with an EP of remixes ‘Beyond The Sirens’ and a gig playing the album in full.

The Breakdown

...these are four whimsical delights that showcase the band's ear for melody, lyrical prowess and sense of wry fun.
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Sydney’s iconic power popsters The Nature Strip first came blossomed into existence ten years ago with the release of their album ‘Stars Turn Inside Out’, and they are celebrating this auspicious occasion with the release of an EP that remixes four tracks from the era (but not from the album itself).

As can be expected, these are four whimsical power pop delights that showcase the band’s ear for melody, lyrical prowess and sense of wry fun. A prime example is the final track ‘Where The Sirens Waited’ which features Sydney actor and singer Zoë Carides. It’s a rollicking aquatic jaunt with an amusing tale of a search for love amongst the sea faring wildlife and a variety of mystical beings, fringed by a lovely refrain from Carides and some glorious harmonies.

The track comes with a glorious and immersive video from Luke Bozzetto:

Elsewhere on the EP, the opening track ‘Beyond The Nether’ has a zany pop punk blast with touches of early Split Enz, ‘Handy Round Here’ has a stately bluesy pace with an attitude and a swagger as Pete Marley sings of his domestic prowess. ‘Growing Up’ has an indie pop pace delivered in a Dylanesque style over arpeggiated riffs and a blistering Hammond organ sound.

Joyous vignettes that will put a smile on the face. The band will celebrating with a gig on 2 June at the Gasoline Pony in Sydney at which they’ll play the album in full -tickets available here.

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