Track: Rainer Weichhold – Bamboo 2015 (Sacha Robotti Giant Panda Remix)

Out right now on Rainer Weichold’s Gold Records is a new remix from Sacha Robotti of the head honcho’s track Bamboo, a 2015 version, rather than the original that dropped some eight years ago. In the intervening period Robotti has honed his craft, following nigh on ten years in the game working both as a solo artist, and with collaborators such as rap legend KRS-1.

It bubbles away, the bassline often delivering the melodic interest, surrounded as it is by pads and assorted percussion, vocal cut ups, 808s and the like. As it progresses, so the melodies change, and become more forthright, before it settles into this stripped back, hypnotic house anthem.

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