Premiere: Nocturnal Animals release the blazing single ‘Articuno Makes Waves’

We are honoured to premiere the new single from Adelaide band Nocturnal Animals, ‘Articuno Makes Waves’, due out on Friday, 19 February 2021.

The mysterious masked Nocturnal Animals made their debut last year with the release of four rather tasty singles. ‘Articuno Makes Waves’ is their 2021 reboot and they are upping the ante.

A wall of guitars and melodic riffs weave their way through the buzz before the vocals kick in – assured, confident and with a healthy dose of swagger. Switching between sweet harmonies and a shouty delivery, the track has a very unique shift in tone and pace – veering into a psychedelic mellow tone before ending in a dreamy wall of noise.

Dylan Martin from the band says of the themes:

The song is about a relationship falling apart. It was written at the time of the relationship but from the perspective of if it had already come to an end. The chorus lyrics really sums it up but it’s that weird situation when you know the relationship is over (or doomed to be) but don’t want to admit it yet.

This is eclectic and very exciting material with a breath of very fresh air and creativity. It is unusually hard to try and place them in a slot – there is a hint of Pixies quiet/loud aesthetic, a punk brashness and a new wave sparkle that makes this track quite unique.

You will be able to download/stream the single from friday, 19 February 2021 here. The band will be launching the single at the Uni Bar in Adelaide – details and tickets here.

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