Track: James anticipate new album with release of the anthemic and transcendent ‘Beautiful Beaches’:

The legendary James have already wet our appetites for their forthcoming sixteenth album ‘All The Colours Of You’ with the release earlier this year of the title track single reviewed here at Backseat Mafia. Hot on the heels of this is another classic James track, ‘Beautiful Beaches’.

Written on reflection of the destructive California wildfires, singer Tim Booth reflects the impact this had on his community where he lived in Topanga, California and the climate change refugees he and his family became – but laced with an element of hope for the future:

That life we left behind, we’re racing down to those beautiful beaches. We love how this song is so uplifting, focusing on new beginnings. I like the idea that many might not know the backstory and hear it as a post Covid holiday song! Praying that the lyrics don’t turn out prophetic.

The track has the typical care worn vocals and element of humour that epitomises the work of James – recounting a hurried escape to the beautiful beaches with no editorial on the causes, with the repeated refrain it’s time to escape while the music is antithetically bouncy and uplifting. Sky-high choruses and an irreverent sense of humour mask the anxiety of the situation:

Better wake up my love, get up,

It’s time,

Time to get out of Dodge

That case won’t fit the car

Racing, we’re racing down to those beautiful beaches

Put your foot down to the floor,

Racing, we’re racing down to those beautiful beaches

The fade out, however, seems to leave an open end:

Intelligent, wry and melodic: this is classic James.

The album, produced by iconic producer Jacknife Lee and released through Virgin Music Label & Artist Services (formerly Caroline International) is out on 4 June 2021 and you can pre-order here.


  1. ZERO
  2. All The Colours Of You
  3. Recover
  4. Beautiful Beaches
  5. Wherever It Takes Us
  6. Hush
  7. Miss America
  8. Getting Myself Into
  9. Magic Bus
  10. Isabella
  11. XYST
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