Track: The Wytches – Cowboy

The Wytches return with rambunctious and grimy psychedelic, noise-rock track Cowboy, with further psychedelically inviting visualiser artwork, courtesy of Samuel Gull.

Cowboy commences a reinvigorated era for the band, as the first new release since 2016’s All Your Happy Life, after their drummer’s departure caused questions of the band’s future to arise. Now though, this emboldened energy fills the band’s music as well as their attitudes. Kristian says of their renewed state, “We’ve come back feeling re-energised and rejuvenated,” and adds that, “For a period I was losing interest. We were going through the motions but now things feel right again.”

The track’s dramatic intro of ringing guitars and meditative bass playing resounds much like the Western shoot out the title implies. Main songwriter Kristian Bell explains that “‘Cowboy’ was a holding place title as it seemed like a riff that a cowboy would enjoy”, and that it manifested in several iterations before becoming the ultimate version, with “…4 or 5 different verses and structures and by then the name had stuck.” The track siphons plentiful amounts of tension towards its middle before the drums sound a cataclysmic war cry and Bell’s screeching vocals shove the track into an even more brutally psychedelic realm.

The Wytches are not just furrowing a new path for themselves with refreshingly acerbic material and a new line-up but have also released Cowboy on their own label Cable Code Records.

Listen to Cowboy here

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