News: Vulture Industries to release new album ”Ghosts From The Past” June 16th 2023

Photo credit Jarle Hova Moe

“Ghosts from the past” draws a line from childhood spells of dark mystery and a sympathy for the outcast, to a present where monsters hide under your bed. Waiting, not to prey upon the sleeper, but to hide from the monstrosity of the day. Pulling on a wide range of influences; From dust riddled Spaghetti Westerns accompanied by Ennio Morricone, past the monochrome melancholia of apocalyptic post punk, through deep valleys and steep hills shrouded in progressive darkness and a Nordic noir looking to solve the unexplained murder of the truth. Landing on something once described by a fan as “This is how Nick Cave would sound like if he made metal.”, VULTURE INDUSTRIES has long since established itself as something singular, yet once familiar, strangely recognisable.

1. New Lords of Light
2. Saturn Devouring His Young
3. This Hell is Mine
4. Deeper
5. Right Here in the Dark
6. Not by Blood, But by Words
7. Tyrants Weep Alone

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