Not Forgotten: Tom Vek – We Have sound: 10th Anniversary

Tom Vek - We Have Sound

Recently classic albums ‘Screamadelica’ by Primal Scream and ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana celebrated their 25th anniversaries with special releases of their classic albums. Whilst it does make those of us who remember those albums so affectionately from the first time around, it is important to remember albums that shaped music in such a way. Whilst Tom Vek’s debut doesn’t quite go that far back, it is celebrating a decade since its release. The album was released in a time when LCD Soundsytem, Klaxons, The Rapture and Foals were starting to make a name for themselves. Tom Vek was amongst the trailblazers of a new sound. His experimental mix of indie and electro laid the foundations for a sound that would eventually become Nu-Rave. It was very much an album of its time, and the problem with this can be that the music can date very quickly. But the sound he helped create has gone from strength to strength. So now when you listen to this album ten years on, it still manages to sound as current as the day it was first released.

I remember the first time I heard of Tom Vek. It was the Digitalism mix of ‘Nothing but green lights.’ If you haven’t heard their version of this song, then advise you hunt it down. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before, and I quickly became obsessed with the track. The original version of the track is tucked away toward the end of this album, and still stands out as it did on its release. That’s what makes both the song and the album as good as they are; they just never get old. Other singles from the album included the opening two tracks from the album; C-C (You set the fire in me)’ and ‘I ain’t saying my goodbyes.’ Both of which follow and build on Vek’s unique sound.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the album’s release, Vek performed a one-off show at Brixton Electric in which he played the entire album from beginning to end. He also auditioned off his guitar; the very one used throughout the recording of this modern classic. It went on Ebay for £722.

Tom has released two more albums since ‘We have sound.’ He is still on top of his game ten years on, and this album loses none of the effect it had on its release. So yes it may make me feel old knowing its release was a decade ago, but it is only right that we celebrate its relevance in such a way.

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