Psychology Release Debut Album ‘Psychology’ featuring new single ‘Our Broken Heart’

Photo credit: Justin Borucki

Cerebral rock band Psychology  have released their self-titled debut album ‘Psychology‘ via Cart/Horse Records. Throughout its 11 tracks, the collection of love songs speak to the heart and the head of the listener as they tap into the challenges of everyday life and the significant relationships we hold close.

On the album, lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist John Atkinson shares: “I’m not sure I would’ve started playing guitar again if I hadn’t learned about the positive effects on the brain when learning an instrument. That said, the minute I did, before I even knew anything, songs and musical pieces just started happening. Immediately, it just felt right. It feels right to be releasing this record now. I’m excited for people to hear it and to be able to move forward with new material after giving this record its due. I hope people listen to it loud.”

Speaking to the release of new single “Our Broken Heart,” John adds, “I think when people hear the song they’ll view it as an outlier compared to what’s going on with the first two singles musically and thematically. In the context of the album however, and as it stands on its own, it makes perfect sense. There’s a balanced structure present on the record and this song represents that.”

Psychology Track Listing:

1. Spacial Relations

2. First Contact

3. Time Will Have Its Way With You

4. Blue

5. SSF

6. Our Broken Heart

7. Death Charge

8. Feathers

9. Waiting

10. Rings

11. The Economy

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