SEE: Generation – ‘Suicidal Champagne’: first salvo from Liverpool’s new trashrock gods

JAMES and Dean Carne, the Liverpudlian ‘brothers sin’, grew up on a diet of fine funk and soul, but both had a eureka moment when they fell for the less subtle seductions of the brilliance and the sleaze and greatness of the rawk.

They formed Generation in their late teens, building up a reputation by word of mouth on the back of their live shows; but they stayed a band you could only capture in the electricity of the round until they were satisfied they capture that in-yer-face energy in a studio setting.

Have a watch of the video they’re debuting today for “Suicidal Champagne” and you know they’ve hit the formula for their own rigid criteria. Simply: it rocks. It rocks with abandon and abrasion and joy and, frankly, zero fucks given.

It has the fizz and sass and glammy energy of a fine lineage: Smashing Pumpkins, early Manics, New York Dolls.

The band describe “Suicidal Champagne” as “Brazen, beautiful and bruised … a coming-of-age anti-anthem.”

As they sing, they’re all tooled up with “fake IDs” and “no money to spare”; but they’re intent and fully focussed on the razz, the joys of a teen wreckathon, and all the potential and danger and dark romance of that.

“Suicidal Champagne” was recorded as part of sessions with producer and drummer, James Kenosha, who’s worked with Pulled Apart By Horses, Rhodes, and Dry The River.

And be sure it’s just a tracer bullet; wait till they get you in their sights.

Connect with Generation online to find out first about new releases and upcoming live dates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at their website.

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