Meet: we interview Perth singer-songwriter Peyton

Backseat Mafia were recently impressed by the debut single, New York Era, from Perth’s Peyton. So impressed that we fired a few questions to singer/songwriter Peyton Sears to find out more:

Where does the name Peyton come from?

My full name is Peyton Sears. I was originally considering going under another name but I just thought Peyton was simple yet bold and sounded like a good name to go with.

Where are you from?

Perth, Western Australia.

What made you interested in music and interested in creating your own?

I grew up with a family of musicians so it was inevitable that I would follow that path I guess. I was and still am heavily influenced by other artists who I share the same creative ideas with and that inspired me to create my own music too.

Often the music musicians like differs from the music they create. What music do you listen to and what music has influenced you?

I grew up listening to singers such as Elvis Presley, Stevie Knicks that soon led to more current artists like Lana Del Rey, and Florence in the Machine. I loved the theatrical vocal style of those singers. Lately I have had M83 and Sia on my playlist.

What do you think you sound like – did you have any particular ambition for your sound?
I think keeping it modern and underground is the direction that Lance and I discussed. Creating our own style and sound was important too.

What is your creative process – how do you write a song?

The process normally starts with me doing a freestyle vocal take over one of lance’s beats. From there we would focus on the strongest vocal parts and write around that. Lance would then layer the music with more instruments and work on the arrangement with some help from Matt O Connor.

You have been working on a new EP with Lance Robinson – can you tell us a little about Lance and how you came to work with him?

Lance is actually my uncle. When I was doing theatre and choir band work he approached me to collaborate with him. He has been writing/performing and producing bands for while now. He’s a great producer/writer and we work really well together.

How has the recording been done – studio/bedroom/garage – and what has been the process?
We recorded at Lance’s home studio in Perth. I then had the song mixed in Sydney at Hercules studio by Matt O’Connor and Mastered by Don Bartley.

Tell us a little about the single, New York Era – what is it about? Who played on it?

I recorded the vocals and Lance did all the music. The song is about the contrast of the poverty and the rich, how some people can be content without money, success or fame.

What can you tell us about the rest of the EP?

So far there are 7 tracks roughly recorded. We are looking at choosing the songs for the EP and next single. They all have their own unique sound yet an overall electronic theme. I’m really exited to get them out there.

What are your live plans – have you played live yet? Will Peyton play as a full band? Do you have any ambitions for your live shows?

I’ll be on the mic and Lance will be programming/playing some instruments live. I might look at expanding the line up at some stage but we’ve done a few rehearsals and it work’s well as a two-piece. My main ambition for the live show is to have fun and develop it as we go.

Any tour dates yet?
So far the single launch is booked in Perth for March 18 at The Velvet Lounge and looking at a run of shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Touring as much as possible is ideal and I’m very exited!

Any other local music you would recommend we listen to?
Voltair Twins, True Science, Angus Dawson and Kucka.

Finally, Perth has produced more than its fair share of great music – why do you think this is so?

We are the most isolated city in the world, which makes artist have to work harder with fewer opportunities. Also there is not too much else to do here 🙂

Here’s a reminder of the catchy New York Era. Health warning – it’s addictive. The single will be released on 6 February.

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