Premiere: Dahlia Ray lights a vivacious indie pop ‘Bonfire’ to warm the heart.

Feature Photograph: She Is Aphrodite

Spraying radiant beams of effervescent pop like a fully opened garden hose let loose, we are so very pleased to premiere the new single ‘Bonfire’ by Dahlia Ray.

The paean to resilience and joy – surely something we could all do with a heavy dose right now – perfectly captures a summer vibe and abandoned carefree joie de vivre, all dolled up in luscious sounds and indelible melodies. It may not be Proust, but it’s jolly uplifting:

It’s gonna be a wild night
We’re gonna have a bonfire
Burning up those marshmallows
In honour of you
It’s gonna be a wild night
We’re gonna have a bonfire
Burning up those marshmallows
Coz I know you’re still here
I know you’re still here
Let’s have a bonfire

And yet behind the effervescent and Day-Glo radiance, there is a moving tribute to reliance and fortitude – the vocals tinged with a melancholy edge. Ray says of the track:

‘Bonfire’ is about being optimistic about the future. It’s also about my mum’s best friend, Jan, who was a friend that became family. Jan is the oldest survivor of cystic fibrosis in Australian history. Her funeral was a big party because she outlived all expectations of her and fought right through until she was 65. Her attitude is something that has inspired us all and inspired this song.

The result is something that has a bittersweet edge that urges positivity under the liquid amber flow of the music:

This is a brilliant debut. Ray says of her love of music:

I love that music unites people by the shared experience of the songwriter. I’ve sung since I can remember and so it’s always been my only real outlet.

And there are many layers to this artist:

 I’m a massive geek, and I’m obsessed with chess. 

‘Bonfire’ is out on 20 January and available to download/stream here.

Feature Photograph: She Is Aphrodite

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