Track: Romanie’s ‘Anthony’ is a delicate and beautiful tribute to a portrayal of life’s cruelest affliction.

Feature Photograph: Claire Louis

Originally from Belgium, Romanie (Romanie Assez) relocated to Melbourne a few years ago and has released a string of exquisitely beautiful tracks that showcase her velvet vocals and acute observations on life. Her latest single ‘Anthony’ is dedicated in name to Anthony Hopkins and his portrayal of the ravages of dementia in the film ‘The Father’, a parallel journey suffered by Romanie’s own grandfather. Indeed, this is the cruelest of conditions where you lose your loved ones twice, and Romanie has captured the pain and the anguish in this gorgeous tune while still burning a light of hope and resolution:

Anthony I see you in my dreams still everyday
We used to go for walks in the park
Now you’re wandering off in your head
Just know I’ll bring you home
Just know I’ll bring you home

This is a moving tribute as much to those who are left behind as those who are lost.

The music is anthemic, strong and bold with a restless forward motion and razor sharp rhythms that carry Romanie’s yearning vocals. The accompanying video, directed by Tom Dunphy and Romanie herself, is an antithesis to the precision of the musical delivery – home shot shaky and blurry visions of Romanie and friends/partners escaping in harmless pastimes as if to provide a distraction to the serious themes of the track.

‘Anthony’ is out now and available to stream and download here.

Romanie enlisted the aid of a few illustrious artists in developing this track – Alex O’Gorman (Angie McMahon, BATTS) and Hamish Patrick (George Alice, Gretta Ray), with Romanie also co producing the track. It was mastered by Isaac Barter (Alex The Astronaut, Didirri). Romanie says:

In December 2021 I reached out to Gormie with some of my demos because I really admired his work and I got a phone call back straight away. That’s when we decided to start co-producing my music and I’m super grateful for having Gormie in my corner. My music wouldn’t be the same without him and I’m so grateful for getting him involved and becoming his friend. When we got into the studio Alex introduced me to Hamish Patrick who helped us add the amazing textures to Anthony which make the song feel so nostalgic and big.

Marvelous stuff indeed: emitting a poignant and ethereal magic.

Feature Photograph: Claire Louis

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