Edinburgh four piece Wozniak are a band that constantly manage to grab our attention. Mainly because everything they do resonates with us. They’ve recently released an EP Pikes Peak, which came out on the 9th June and has already sold out of its physical format, although you can still get hold of it on iTunes, Amazon and the bands bandcamp page www.wozniak.bandcamp.com

It shows the band are able to create these complicated layered soundscapes, build on moods and emotions, but somehow however dark they may be, still manage to be captivating and beautiful. From the EP the band have just released a new video for the track Paper Hat.

The video is this shimmering black and white ghostly images that swap around, the dancing figure seemingly taken from old film, enhanced and fed through a load of effects, ambient and repetitative. In many ways the track reflects it; shimmering as it does through its rather grey, slightly bleak outlook. Built as it is on these lovely fragments of melody though, its almost impossible not to like.

Us? We love it.