Track : Chet Faker releases the bubbling funk of ‘Get High’

Chet Faker, the highly acclaimed project of Aussie native Nick Murphy is someone I’ve been following ever since he burst unto the electro -pop scene with his cover of Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’. Clearly a distinctive voice in pop music and a masterful showmanship of the ‘one man band’ outfit, he clearly is an artist who loves to blend styles, uses his voice to soothe and his quirky lyrics to connect to his audience. I love the fact that he hasn’t released an album per se in quite a while, because , like a true artist, he releases music when he is inspired to do so . His latest track ‘Get High’, released earlier this month is a testament to this award winning cross over-pop artist .

The track was released with a brilliant kaledioscope-visual animated video ( see here . Chet Faker is pictured grooving away on ( and on top) of his piano, started with a swimming organ riff , setting the infectious groove of the entire piece. His opening lyric, ” I wanna get high/ I wanna get away from myself” is clearly both symbolic and literal. you could feel the need for escapism , echoing the sentiments of nearly a year in lockdown. Murphy soars through the verse and chorus with a deliberate push on the groove, almost on purpose to provide contrast between the lyrical and rhythmic, and in the context of his song, the dichotomy of being vulnerable yet free all at the same time: lyrics: ‘ Just because I ‘ve tried , doesn’t mean I’m strong’. his need to feel the ‘sun on his back’, whilst wanting to ‘survive’ is clearly evocative of this alternate reality he brilliantly painted in the video. The surprise sound clip of a delivery being brought to Chet’s house right before the last chorus is genius- it makes us feel bitterly connected to this dichotomy , especially as artists. trying to create whilst being constantly interrupted by life . This is what the feel is of ‘Get High’, musically layered with a clever fusion of millenial groove and old school funk.

HIghly recommend that you put this on repeat, and well, you do what you do .

Check out the video of Chet Faker’s ‘Get High ‘

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