Blu-Ray Review: Nigthshooters

Making a film can be dangerous undertaking. Sets are fraught with peril. One wrong move can literally bring everything crashing down around you. Then there are the pyrotechnics, fight scenes, car chases etc etc. The list goes on and on. It’s a health and safety nightmare. However, despite the best laid it’s impossible to account for every eventuality. Such as accidentally witnessing something sinister. This is the premise behind Marc Price’s Nightshooters.

When Marshall (Adam McNab) hears about the imminent demolition of a derelict building he sees a perfect opportunity to finish making his film. Unfortunately, this means the cast and crew will need to shoot through the night. Things go badly from the outset but when they witness an execution taking place in the building opposite, they must fight for their lives. Their chances are improved by the martial arts skills of Donnie (Jean-Paul Ly) and the explosives wizardry of their resourceful tech (Rosanna Hoult).

Nightshooters defies all expectations to produce one of the most bloody and brilliant British horrors of the year. Price, who made his name with the micro-budget Colin, once again delivers the goods. The script is smart and funny, the acting is solid and some of the kills are ingenious done. He’s aided by the action skills of Ly who impressed so much in Jimmy Henderson’s Jailbreak. His ability and that of his foe, turn Nightshooters into a winning hybrid of horror, martial arts and comedy.

Nightshooters is released on DVD, Blu-ray and digital by Tribal Film on 26 December.

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