News: JonoJono Shares Explosive New Single ‘Consciousness’

In a much-anticipated comeback, genre bending indie-come-alt-rocker JonoJono unveils one of his heaviest and intense works yet on the explosive and emotionally charged new single, ‘Consciousness,’ an entrancing mix of rapturous rock guitars, soulful vocals and indie tendencies.

Opening with an explosive distorted guitar riff, immediately setting the stage for an electrifying sonic journey., JonoJono establishes an atmosphere of both tension and high octane exhilaration, sustaining this gripping intensity throughout the entire track. Delving into themes of self-awareness and introspection, the lyrics invite listeners to embark on a personal exploration of their own inner landscapes.

Penned during the tumultuous period of the Covid lockdown, ‘Consciousness’ serves as a poignant reflection of JonoJono’s personal trials and triumphs. Amidst the encroaching sense of reality slipping away, he channeled his emotions into this cathartic musical piece, transforming frustration into an act of creative expression. The intense, shredding guitar solo, born out of the confines of isolation, acts as a profound release of pent-up energy, leaving an indelible impact on the listener.

According to JonoJono, “Music shouldn’t have a name or a label as long as it’s authentic. It should be a gift of freedom to share stories in any way you want, no matter the expectations of others.” This artistic philosophy lies at the heart of his creative vision, as he continuously defies conventional boundaries and crafts art that transcends genres.

JonoJono has experienced recent success, with his latest music video, ‘Shadeless,’ making its debut on MTV and securing closed ambassadorships with prominent household brands. Additionally, he has collaborated with multiple artists, fostering his raw and anomalous sound while amassing a passionate and eager fan base.

By carving his own path in today’s popular music landscape as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer, JonoJono embodies the spirit of rebellion both on and off the stage. ‘Consciousness’ is a gitant, explosive statement of intent from JonoJono and I’m here for it.

Listen below:

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