PREMIERE: LA trio Lost Cat present ‘Bitch Fight’ from their impending debut album

Meet Lost Cat. They’re from Los Angeles, and there’s three of them – Angie, Lucy and Kiki. They’re on a first-names-only basis apparently, and that’s fine with us. Their sound’s at the crossroads of peak girl group and garage punk, with their new song throwing in a woozy psychedelic bridge for good measure.

It’s called ‘Fist Fight’. Or, well, it was. Per Kiki: “Originally the lyrics were ‘fist fight’ but when I brought the song to practice, Lucy thought she heard Bitch Fight and that’s where the name was coined.” There’s an actual (by which we mean heavily pantomimed) fist fight in its wonderfully kitsch video, which follows on from the clip for ‘L.O.S.T.‘, released last week.

Both songs appear on the trio’s self-titled debut album, out on Friday May 27th via Lollipop Records. In the meantime, we’re premiering said wonderfully kitsch video. Tune in below:

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