News: Subhumans announce new album and September US tour dates

Finally!  How long has it been? Well lets just say too long.

The Subhumans originally formed in 1980 around the Wiltshire area, quickly finding there niche firmly in the Anarcho hardcore punk scene, fitting perfectly around the same spectrum as Crass and Conflict to name a few. Using there own label Bluurg to release demos and live tapes (yes Tapes, its that long ago my friends), a 1st album “The Day The Country Died” soon followed and this very quickly became a modern classic. But not long after there 2nd album had been born into the world, a split in musical differences was to bring there explosive entry into to the scene to a premature end, although we were given the legacy of a 3rd studio album after the split to keep harden fans going for a short time. A pity, as musically they were just starting to move through the gears.

Ok so a decade on and the 1990’s happened, was this time to don the ‘speak out and be heard caps’ again? well, yes was the answer.  A small amount of reunion gigs then ensued with all the passion that drove them back at the beginning. Until the dawning of the new millennium and a more permanent incarnation was to be the way forward. Then came the 4th studio album in 2007.

“ Internal Riot” was to be another offering of all the angst and hatred for what the world was doing to itself that fans were hoping for, on the Bluurg label keeping DIY Punk alive too.

Fast forward to now 2019 and a decade more of playing live around the world, new songs have now been written and recorded and to be released by Pirate Press Records, under the title Crisis Point. With all the passion and love for humanity in mind, the songs are still about Terror/pollution/crisis in todays climate they are so relevant. The Age of Anarcho will never die!

Tour Dates: Details Below

Crisis Point is out September 13th via Pirates Press Records

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