Track: Secret Shine – For You, plus new album news

Secret Shine’s new release “There is Only Now” is a classic brew of shoegaze and dream pop – elements of Disintegration-era The Cure mixed in with a clearer and more distinct My Bloody Valentine or Lush. It is an album filled with waves of sonic reverb and chorus, with arpeggiated synthesisers interweaving with a more muscular rhythm section and chiming guitars.

The second track, for instance “All in Your Head” captures this mix perfectly – it is a visceral wall of crescending chords with vocalist Kathryn Smith’s dreamy vocals floating above the fray – distant but evocative.Drift Away” shows Secret Shine at their most distinctive: dramatic relentless walls of noise washing over almost disinterested, disjointed vocals.

Formed in 1991, Secret Shine were an integral part of the so-called first wave of shoegaze, despite releasing early singles on c86 staple Sarah Records. Taken from the album, new single “For You” captures these elements, check it out:

The album is a fantastic release full of anthemic, vaulting songs delivered with great poise. The album is out now through Saint Marie Records.

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