Track: Brighton Alt-Rockers Jar of Blind Flies Share the Explosive, Intense New Single ‘Not Your Baby’

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Brighton alt-rockers Jar of Blind Flies have unleashed their explosive new single, ‘Not Your Baby’. Displaying the intense, high-octane energy of their live shows with punching drums and a relentless, dark and foreboding riff, the band showcase exactly the kind of raucous musical derlivery that they are capable of.

Marking a significant evolution from some of the lighter moments of their precious material, ‘Not Your Baby’ captures an essence of Lambrini Girls and Deftones with its fuzzy guitar, grinding bass tones and intense drums. Recorded at the renowned Marshall studio by Adam Beer and Ollie Brightman, known for their work with acclaimed acts like Nova Twins and King Nun, the tracks huge, wide production allows the bands sound to go beyond garage rock undertones, letting the layers of muffled screamo and venomous, urgent lead vocals to shine through the murk of the dark riffs.

Talking about the lyricism in ‘Not Your Baby’, Maddy explains: “Its amplified phrasing of affection is the manifestation of ‘loving by proxy’ bred by modern society’s click and collect love and the consumerism of pleasure. The expression of infatuation although seemingly impassioned underlays an insincerity”

Talking about the recording process, Bassist Jake explains: “Recording at The Marshall studio was a whole new level for us. Going from the relatively DIY recording style of our early songs to recording in a 250-capacity amphitheatre with every bit of tech you could ever imagine was a Real culture shock. The way the recordings have come out is levels above what we could’ve hoped for and we’ve learnt so much from the experience”

With one of the bands biggest shows to date coming up March 23rd at Club Revenge in Brighton, supporting electro-punk risers CLT DRP, ‘Not Your Baby’ is a statement from intent from a band ready to take things to the next level.

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