See: Extra Arms releases video for “Up From Here” featuring cameo from Eaglebones Falconhawk (Aquabats!)

Detroit power pop band Extra Arms released album ‘Up From Here’ on October 25, 2019 via Dadstache Records. With the “quarantine” video fast becoming a thing, Extra Arms have created a new video for the title track ‘Up From Here’. Shot and edited entirely by the band, and featuring a cameo from Eaglebones Falconhawk from the Aquabats! (who plays lead guitar on the song),

‘Up From Here’ is a great track to create a quarantine video for. It’s a hopeful, anthemic, positive jam that we all need right now. It’s full of palm muted chords and frantic drumming with a punk guitar hero solo from Eaglebones. A great catchy tune guaranteed to be stuck in your head and help you through the current dark days.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band on their Facebook

Purchase the album here

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