Live Review: Devin Townsend – 3Olympia, Dublin 13.04.2022

Devin Townsend played his first live show since his appearance at Bloodstock 2021. When he walked out on stage the first thing he had to say was that he wasn’t sure if he could still remember how to do a show! but there was no need for anyone to worry as man was it perfect, was it loud, was it heavy, simple answer YES!
Opening his two hour long set at Dublin’s 3Olympia he started out with Failure (Devin Townsend Project) Kingdom and Hyperdrive and the three songs were blended into each out.
By Your Command / Life / Regulator came next and during this time the crowd were asked to raise their arms into the air and as I was seating high up in one of the house boxes it was a perfect view from above and the whole venue was just a sea of swaying arms both on the standing floor and the circle seated balcony which tonight are both full.

Next on the set list were Aftermath (Strapping Young Lad) / Deadhead (The Devin Townsend Band) / Deep Peace were Devin calls himself an emotional banana. After these there songs his band member’s left the stage leave only Devin armed with an acoustic guitar to do an acoustic version of Ih-Ah! (Devin Townsend Project).
The band are back and thing change slightly from the extreme metal to the operatic Why? again during this the venue is a sea of waving arms.
March of the Poozers / Juular / More! get an airing, some one has thrown a pink wig up on stage and yes of-course Devin picks it up and wears it for a could of songs before throwing it back into the crowd.
Next of the set list were Love? (Strapping Young Lad) were instead of seeing a sea of waving arms this time its a sea of waving phone torches. Its Spirits Will Collide before we come to the last before the obligatory encore (Devin’s own words) that last song being Supercrush (Devin Townsend Project)
There were to be two songs in the encore but tonight there’s only time for one and that being Vampira (Devin Townsend Project).
The band leave the stage leaving Devin going from stage end to stage end thanking everyone and showing his appreciation to the crowd for coming out tonight.

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