Film Review: Blanquita

Legal systems are built on upholding the law through the interrogation of factual evidence. Augmented by expert testimony/witness statements. Some crimes are easily quantifiable, while others can boil down to one person’s word against another. Over the last few decades, many countries have faced reckonings over their pasts. Blanquita considers the role of truth, deception and guilt in prosecuting abuse.

Blanquita (Laura López) grew up in a foster home run by a priest (Alejandro Goic).  She returns, baby in tow, at the age of eighteen. After speaking to a distraught resident, she’s compelled to tell her story to the religious man. During the trial of a wealthy businessman, she becomes the key witness against a paedophile ring, implicating a powerful senator in the process.

Blanquita is a thoughtful drama which rolls a number of issues into the story of its eponymous lead. Based a true case in Chile, it’s very disturbing at times; as you’d expect. Writer/Director Fernando Guzzoni asks his audience to consider the difference between truth and fact. Does it really matter if the right outcome is reached?  Balnquita is a complex and arresting treatise into the meaning of justice.

Blanquita is out in US cinemas on 9 December.

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