Album Review: Hebe – ‘Release Resolution’ Part 1

The Breakdown

An excellent and undeniably beautiful effort that has left me really excited for the full album release...

Singer-writer HEBE shares the beautiful ‘Release Resolution’ – currently a 5 track release which delivers a taste of the full album release which is due in 2023. A stunning collection of cinematic tracks which float between indie-folk and swelling, otherworldly pop, this is a stunning example of HEBE’s abilities a writer and performer.

Opening with ‘Wait for Daylight’ A warming soundscape of guitar, a pillowy kick and warming piano and kick under HEBE’s silky, gentle and effortlessly emotive and beautiful vocal. As the track picks up introducing subtle electronics, layers of distant guitar and subtle drums, the tracks ear-worm chorus introduces layers of vocal harmonies emphasising the stunning depth and beauty the track possesses. Comparable to the likes of The Staves, Rhodes and Birdy, the stage is set for HEBE’s unique melancholic and warming soundscapes.

‘Tiptoe Gently’ leans further into HEBE’s acoustic guitar playing as subtle atmospherics dance from ear to ear. HEBE’s soulful, captivating, effortlessly controlled vocals shine once again as she delivers another stellar performance.

Followed by the lead single ‘Drink On My Own’, probably the most controlled, folk centric of the tracks on the release, HEBE once again showcases her biting, emotive lyrical honesty. A delicate, beautiful offering showcasing tight finger picked guitar playing before break-in into a cinematic section with layers of vocals and strings.

‘Should Have Seen Us’ offers another dimension, sounding almost as if it could break into a dance track before shifting into the swelling, delicate stylistic pop sound HEBE is known for in its chorus.

Closing with ‘Lifted the Weight’ closes on a swaying atmospheric and reflective note, hauntingly beautiful as always but offering a vaster cinematic feel that elsewhere on the EP. A slow tempo, reverb electronic beats and layers of lengthy intertwining notes create a truly stunning, shiver inducing soundscape – it’s a beautiful, unmeasurably wide and spacious track which demands you sit in silence and soak it in, for me the highlight of the release and certainly leaves you wanting more with the full album promised in the coming months!

An excellent and undeniably beautiful effort that has left me really excited for the full album release… watch this space, we may well end up reviewing the full album as well if this is anything to go by.

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