Track: Song Sung – The Mind’s Eye

Hazy waves of reverb and chorus soak through the new song from twin sister duo Song Sung to create a dream pop epic that is quite mesmerising. There are Beach Boy harmonies, layers of instrumentation that are sunny and bright despite the achingly melancholic tone and distant, haunting vocals. Of the themes of the song, the sisters say:

This song wrestles with doubt, but is fought with hope. It’s provocative and resilient and in a way, quite anthemic. We can fall down together, but in defiance, we will stand up forever.

It is immensely beautiful and entirely immersive:

Song Sung is Georgina and Una McGeough hailing from Monaghan in Ireland and now based in New York.

‘The Mind’s Eye’ is off their forthcoming album ‘This Ascension is Ours’ out through Night Time Stories on 31 July 2020, which was co-written and produced by the legendary David Holmes (responsible for soundtracks to projects as diverse as Killing Eve and the Ocean’s Eleven films) and fellow composer and Unloved band-mate Keefus Ciancia (True Detective / The Ladykillers).

‘This Ascension Is Ours’ tracklist:
1. Come To The Water (stream)
2. Telling Tales (video)
3. Somewhere
4. Orbiting Slow (Here It Comes)
5. Take Some Time
6. Testimony of Tears
7. Let It Go (An Act of Sorrow) 
8. The Mind’s Eye (stream)
9. Come Whispering, Come Half Awake
10. Nothing Ever Dies

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