Track: Alpha Consumer – Miss Positron

Minnesota’s Alpha Consumer nearly dropped off the radar. But in the end, we couldn’t resist their b-movie indie charm, their forever evolving songs, and their frankly winning melodies. In fact half the reason we’ve taken so long about it is that we’ve struggled to get it off the playlist.

Their new track, taken from their recently released album Meat, opens with this nervous, twitchy, almost Talking Heads like opening, but is infiltrated by this buzzing, menacing guitar, which eventually takes over and leads the track down to the waters of a clash, new wave river, skittish and oddball, but ultimately brilliant.

The band, J.T. Bates, Michael Lewis and Jeremy Yivisker, have worked with the likes of Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Chuck Statler, Brother Ali, Anais Mitchell, Pieta Brown, A Prairie Home Companion, and more in their career thus far, and if they continue with music like this, they’ll work with a lot more.


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