Track: The Library is on Fire – 1913

Out right now is Brooklyn three piece The Library is on Fire’s new album, Halcyon and Surrounding Areas and third single to be taken from it 1913. The band, Steve Five, Pete Sustarsic and Travin Tonn, make this kind of shoegaze, gothy music that has these dreamy shards of hopefulness, joy even, that sparkle particularly strongly on 1919.

Written, lyrically as a young poets fantasy, it references some of Five’s favourite and most decadent artists, from about, well, 1913 I guess. Consciously not totally accurate, as Marienbad is referenced from the ’60’s and Alfred Jarry died well before 1913, but certainly its our favourite record currently about obscure French literature and film.

More than that though, with its pulsating guitar and echoey hue over which this most infectious and at times uplifting of melodies is imbued, its just one of it favourite records right now, regardless of its subject matter. It’s ear candy dressed up as brain candy, and we love it.

Halcyon and Surrounding Areas – Tracklisting:
1. Labyrinths of February
2. 1913
3. Red Flags
4. Sleeping Out Loud
5. Fly on The Painting
6. Uncanny Mark of The Wounded Healer
7. Let it Die
8. Treasure Lake
9. Hey Snowflake
10. Ice Friends
11. Smoke Signals
12. Mad River
13. Halcyon Daze
14. Girl

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