Meet: Argentinian Composer, Pianist And Producer Julian Tenembaum As He Is Set To Release His Debut Album

With the release of his debut album ‘Fragmentos’ due 1st July via Schole Records. Full of compositions born from Tenembaum’s fascination for the piano as an instrument and also as a way of feeling music, landscapes and sonorities. We caught up with Julian Tenembaum to find out all about his inspirations and what records he is currently listening to.

Give us a potted history of yourself

I started at a very young age playing the guitar and then at the age of 8 I entered the music conservatory and began a piano career. Throughout my adolescence I played in rock bands and also had my own band. When I was 18 years old I started composing music for movies and I discovered that I liked that a lot and I started to work from it. In 2019 I won Best Music at the British Web Awards for the music I composed for Historias Migrantes. For several years I have been working as a composer of performing arts and now to release my solo album fragments

Who inspired you to start making music

From a very young age my father taught me to play the guitar and made me listen to a lot of music and from there I began to make my way and nurture myself not only in the conservatory but on my own, I began to look for a lot of music and the same artists I listened to inspired me to listen to others.

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically

In 2014 I listened to Olafur Arnalds’ album Living Room Songs and I was fascinated by the sound of the piano, the color, the softness and I began to listen to more of him and he is one of my favorite artists. On the other hand, when Hania Rani’s first album “Esja” came out, it was also something incredible that inspired me to continue creating my album, the way she plays is incredible. She is definitely one of my favorite artists.

If you’re trying to explain whom you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say

I think I’m looking for my own sound, my own path. It is very difficult not to be influenced in these times that we have so much access to music and we listen to many things that inspire us but I think definitely someone who listens to my music knows that I have my own style.

Tell us about your new track

Nocturne is my first single, it’s a very personal and special song for me, dedicated to my girlfriend. I’m very happy that Schole Records trusted me to release this album, I love Akira Kosemura’s music and it was a pleasure talking to him and that you also liked the album and trust my music. I recorded this song on a friend’s mini piano, an old Kawai intervened and I was perfecting the sound I was looking for and I think I definitely found it. I mix it Santiago de Simone my star engineer

Where can we get hold of it 

You can listen nocturno single on all digital platforms and on my bandcamp you can pre-order the entire album that comes out on July 1

Tell us how you write

I was writing the album before the pandemic, they are songs in which part of my life sounds, that’s what the album is about, during 2020 I finished composing it and in 2021 I recorded it. I always try to create ideas, melodies, things that inspire me. I really like to improvise and from there start creating

Tell us about your live show and how much have you been missing it recently

I’m putting together different shows to play fragments live. Depending on the place, if it is more nocturnal, do a piano and electronic show and if it is in a concert hall, do a piano concert with strings. These last two years it was difficult to see live music more than anything in 2020. But already in the middle of 2021 I have played live and I saw a lot of live music here in Argentina.

What can we expect from you in the near future

On June 10 my second single i-i3swd comes out and on July 1 the full album called fragments comes out.

And this year I will be playing in Argentina and I hope next year to tour Europe.

Tell us your favourite records that’s rocking your headphones/tour bus/stereo

The last albums that I’m listening to recently that I liked a lot and that came out recently are Motomami by Rosalia, Multitude by Stroame and Pause (almost equal to) Play by Akira Kosemura

Check out Tenembaum’s first single Nocturno, below

Find out more via Tenembaum’s Facebook

Preorder the album here

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