Premiere: Melbourne-Based Artist Angus Legg Takes Us on a Heartfelt Cosmic Journey with Latest Single ‘Spaceship’ Music Video

Photo Credit: Bonn Creative

Backseat Downunder is delighted to exclusively premiere the music video for the latest single, ‘Spaceship‘, by Melbourne artist Angus Legg. This soul-stirring acoustic ballad delves into the raw and emotional aftermath of a breakup, and Angus Legg’s impressive talent shines through as he skillfully intertwines emotive instrumentals with captivating vocals, showcasing not only a high level of musicianship but also his ability to balance lyrical creativity with sincere introspection.

The accompanying music video, a visual treat directed by Cian Marangos from Melbourne’s The AV Club, pays homage to vintage Super 8 films. Featuring a cardboard box spaceship and brimming with homemade charm, the video perfectly complements the raw and vulnerable essence of the song. Observing Angus Legg and Luna Vasquez as they traverse the ebbs and flows of a romantic journey in the visual narrative is a heartwarming encounter, capturing the sweet, creative, and emotional elements of the song.

Angus Legg, reflecting on the song’s origin, shares, “‘Spaceship’ was written about 6 months ago, I wrote it directly after breaking up with my partner of two years… ‘Spaceship’ explores imaginative, otherworldly scenarios, almost desperately begging for them to be a reality. The lyrical punchline drives home that it was not only the end of the relationship, it was the beginning of an uncomfortable, foreign journey neither of our emotions were prepared to embark upon.

The song’s production is a collaborative effort, with Legg’s close friend and fellow Melbourne artist Jim Alxndr handling the mixing, known for collaborations with Angie McMahon. The mastering is credited to Alex Gordon from Abbey Road Studios, renowned for his work with Florence + The Machine, Slowthai, and Cocteau Twins.

Angus Legg graciously invites listeners to embark on a heartfelt journey through the intricacies of love and loss aboard his spaceship. The emotionally resonant and captivating musical arrangement serves as the backdrop to this cosmic exploration. The music video adds a delightful layer of charm and nostalgia to the narrative, rendering this release a must-see for anyone in search of something truly heartfelt.

Photo Credit: Bonn Creative

Artwork by: Hunter Blair

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