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Sadly Dan Savage
Sadly Dan's new single "Savage"

Sadly Dan are an energetic, inventive two piece from Sheffield who are surely destined for big things and “Savage” is their ferociously engaging debut single. It all begins with a flourish of latin trumpets and a dark, driving bassline and pounding drums like something from the White Stripes’ darkest dreams. Soon, both Dans in the band (Storey – guitar/vocals, Jenkinson – drums/backing vocals) bring seriously fierce energy to this track which not only demands to be listened to and enjoyed, but almost instantly earworms into your brain and becomes a song you can’t imagine ever not having heard before.

Fusing Tarantino soundtrack mariachi vibes with almost low-fi indie sensibilities, wry, witty lyrics and delivery which alternates between laconic drawling and crowd-rousing yelping, the sound almost defies specific pigeon-holing. Lead singer Dan Storey suggested they’re a bit like Slaves, but I think that does them a slight disservice, as whilst the instantly sing- (or perhaps yell-) alongable choruses and punkish spirit might remind this reviewer of said upstarts, Sadly Dan are quirkier, funnier and utterly accomplished in their spirit of seeming a little bit new and shambolic. It takes skill, rehearsal and dedication to pull that off and the band more than manage it. Hearing the track, I was keen to see how they manage it live, and with an added guest trumpeter (“for one night only!” they proclaim at each gig) it is flawless and exhilarating.

Check out Sadly Dan on their social media pages (Facebook and Instagram.), if only for the random self-deprecation and passive aggressive comic banter with their followers and see them live ASAP!

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