Live Gallery: Sky Ferreira at the Sydney Opera House, 2.06.2024

Sky Ferreira

Over a decade since her critically acclaimed debut ‘Night Time, My Time,’ American singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira has transformed into a musical enigma, teetering on the edge of pop myth. Tonight, to the thrill of Australian fans, she graces the iconic Sydney Opera House stage as part of the Vivid Festival.

In the intervening years, Ferreira, who was encouraged to take singing lessons by her grandmother’s employer, Michael Jackson, has kept busy. She’s graced screens in David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ and Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver,’ and teamed up with Charli XCX. Rumours about her elusive second album ‘Masochism’ have swirled, but it remains unreleased. Fans, convinced that her label was blocking the album, crowdfunded a plane to fly a “Free Sky Ferreira” banner over Capitol Records and even put up a matching billboard in Times Square. Ferreira and Capitol reportedly parted ways in 2023.

Tonight, all the controversy and speculation fade away as a capacity crowd waits in eager anticipation. Ferreira, known for her fashionably late starts, doesn’t disappoint in that regard-due to be onstage at 7.30pm, she makes her appearance at 8.52pm.

But when she finally takes the stage, clad in a silver trench coat and with the swagger of Debbie Harry in dark shades the wait is instantly forgiven. The stage and entire arena are in almost complete darkness, enveloped in hazy smoke. The faint silhouettes of the band and equipment emerge through the swirling mist, adding an air of mystery. The show is on, and the energy is electric. Ferreira and her band sound absolutely fantastic, which is a relief, considering they’re barely visible in the dim lighting. Who among us doesn’t lament the current obsession with filming and photographing artists as they perform at gigs? Tonight, that’s not an option, and we get to focus solely on the music—how wonderful and strangely old-fashioned is that?

It’s not such a great night for photography but it’s an awesome night for music.

Check out the photo gallery below.

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