Live Review: King Kong Company – Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre, Kilkenny 13,08,2022

The giants of Irish Electronica/Dance that are King Kong Company rolled into the amphitheatre that is Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre nestled beneath some fantastic woodland and partially surrounded by a large rockface in Kilmanagh Co Kilkenny, this was always going to be a show of spectacular fashion with the band known for their stage shows and not disappointing the guys brought everything in the arsenal. The old quarry lit up from the get-go with strobes / lasers / multi-coloured’s of spots and lots of smoke.
The show started with an intro where their dancer came out in a costume of a CCTV camera and scanned the crowd before the band joining on stage to stand to attention and then picking up their instruments after which taking up their positions, once they done this is was full on party time and people straight off leaving their seats and hitting the front of stage to dance.

Everywhere you looked people were dancing, in the seats, at the front, at the back, there wasn’t a person not moving. The band have a hardcore following for many years and from talking to some in attendance some had travelled from other towns/cities to be at the show and some even choosing to camp the night in a near by field ( a first for me to see in the many years I have being photographing shows in Ballykeeffe)
Throughout the show to accompany certain songs the bands dancer appeared dressed in different costumes as mentioned already at the start a CCTV, others can be a very larger eyeball, a robot, two dancers with flags and more, at times said dancer will pick up a large gun which will fire smoke out over the crowd. All this coupled with the lights and music really does make for one electronic dance show that has seen these guys play many major festivals.
Sadly like all shows it had to come to an end with a 3 song encore, but again talking with people after the show, everyone couldn’t get over how good the band had been and how good the show look in the venue setting, all left happy and still dancing.

Set List.
Hello and Welcome
Got Pot
Fight Night
A Forest (The Cure)
All Been Done Before
Scarity Dan
Pretty Things
All These Things
Game Over
The Crab
Zoids/Pol Pot Rock
Get Away

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