EP Review – Altern 8 – E​-​Vapor 8 (Remixes)

The Breakdown

..connecting the past and the future....

Network Records, in collaboration with electronic music pioneers Altern 8, proudly unveils a thrilling remix package of the iconic rave anthem ‘E-Vapor-8.’ Originally produced by Mark Archer and Chris Peat, as Altern 8, in 1992, the track is a cornerstone of electronic music history, transporting us back to the early days of the UK rave scene.

Hailing from Stafford, UK, Altern 8 took the burgeoning outdoor rave scene by storm with their fusion of heavy futuristic house, inspired by their Detroit Techno and Chicago House heroes. Following the success of ‘Activ-8 (Come With Me)’ in the UK charts (#3), ‘E-Vapor-8,’ featuring soul sensation PP Arnold, became their most celebrated release.

Mark Archer shares the track’s evolution: “E-Vapor-8 started life in mid-1991 as a track called ‘Say It Y’all,’ made exclusively for our live PA performances. It got overwhelming responses at every gig, so we decided to refine it in Blue Chip Studio in Stafford in early 1992.” Archer further explains that the addition of vocal snippets from local radio presenter Domenic Green and the iconic sample from Derrick May’s ‘Strings Of Life’ transformed the track from a bedroom demo into a legendary single.

Fast forward to 2023, Network Records and Mark Archer reunite to craft a remix package that pays homage to the hedonistic days of rave while relentlessly pushing the sound forward. The result is a stunning collection of reworks by old friends and new, including ass bosses, hardcore heroes and UK House royalty.

K-Klass, the chart-topping legends of the ’90s, infuse ‘E-Vapor-8’ with house vibes, reimagining PP’s vocals and introducing those epic strings in the break. No mystery to this rhythm. UK producer Smudged Soul adds smooth grooves to the package, blending golden keys and skipping hi-hats with the vocals to create a fresh interpretation that seamlessly bridges eras.

Pete Cannon takes us back into familiar territory with a rinsing Jungle workout, adding sirens and a hardcore twist to the strings, while the collaboration of D&B don, Exile, and UK Rave legend Mark XTC delivers a future Drum & Bass anthem.

The package also features the much-sought-after DrumStep rework by T>I, a favorite in the UK producer’s sets, and now officially available. It’s a dark and mesmerizing treat for the heads. The release is rounded out by a remastered version of the original ’92 track, a rave anthem that has inspired generations and solidified Altern 8’s legendary status.

With Network Records at the helm and this dynamic array of remixes, ‘E-Vapor-8’ remains a timeless beacon of the rave era, connecting the past and the future. Get ready to rediscover the magic of Altern 8.

Verdict: ‘Hardcore will never die’ and here is further proof. A solid remix package from all involved, with each artist taking the classic original and molding it to their individual vision. The beauty of the release is the genres it covers and from all being prime-time floor fillers. Each artist has taken on the (not so easy) task of producing a remix that still exudes the essence of the original while at the same time putting their artistic stamp firmly on it. Rave culture brought together fans of multiple musical tastes and made us fall in love with dance music in all its many forms, and that’s thanks to the musicians who channelled all their musical influences into producing timeless dance anthems, Altern 8 was, and is one of those said artists. T1 N1 GS.

Track List:

  1. E-Vapor 8 (K-KLASS Remix)
  2. E-Vapor 8 (Pete Cannon Remix)
  3. E-Vapor 8 (T>I Remix)
  4. E-Vapor 8 (Exile & Mark XTC Remix)
  5. E-Vapor 8 (Smudged Soul Remix)
  6. E-Vapor 8 (1992 Mix)

Out Now @ https://networkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/e-vapor-8-remixes

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