News: Neo 10Y Unveils New Single ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)’

London-based pop artist Neo 10Y is poised to leave his mark on 2023 with the release of his latest single, ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE).’ The track, a mesmerising fusion of cinematic sounds and expansive production, captivates listeners with its ever-evolving pop textures and boundless energy. Anchored by anthemic drums, infectious bass lines, and intricate synth melodies, ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)’ offers a musically diverse and immersive experience. Neo 10Y’s irresistible vocals seamlessly weave together with profound and uplifting lyrics, forming a cohesive tapestry of sound.

Neo 10Y, a recording artist, media personality, and spiritual revolutionary, channels his artistry to manifest a protopian dimension of peace through the expansion of love energy. Born in London with Indian ancestry, he crafts powerful and thought-provoking music that decodes the polarities of human existence, amplifying our collective connection with the universe.

Accompanying the single is an action-packed music video shot in both London and Los Angeles. Set for release on July 7th, the video marks the sixteenth instalment in Neo 10Y’s hyperreality universe, further enriching his captivating videography.

Renowned for his futuristic approach, Neo 10Y seamlessly blends new technology and spiritual education into his artistic endeavours. His live shows are immersive experiences, offering a 360º journey that has captivated audiences at concert venues, art galleries, and festivals across London, Europe, and the US. From raves to the Roundhouse, he has performed for Billboard in NYC and at Secret Garden Party, leaving a lasting impact on fans. Additionally, Neo 10Y finds immense joy in sharing his knowledge as a guest lecturer at prestigious universities and schools in London, including LCF, CSM, and UAL.

Beyond his music, Neo 10Y actively advocates for a vegan future, serves as a Reiki master and yogi, and engages with his community online and through his work in the arts and the intersectional LGBTQ+ community. Recently, he unveiled his own cult fragrance, GODDEX, adding yet another dimension to his multifaceted artistic endeavours.

With ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)’ and its accompanying visuals, Neo 10Y continues to push boundaries, cementing his status as an artist who combines innovation, spirituality, and compelling music to create a truly transcendent experience. Keep an eye on Neo 10Y as he propels us into a future where music becomes a conduit for profound change.

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