Album review: The Sonder Bombs – Clothbound

CLEVELAND four-piece Sonder Bombs return with an energetic call to arms in the shape of their new album, Clothbound.

Produced in Philadelphia with Joe Reinhart, this album is a culmination of a band firing on all cylinders, harnessing the energy from their relentless tour ethic with an unapologetic love for the ukulele.

The Sonder Bombs came to prominence with the 2018 album MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR, which showed a dry wit and a unique dexterity; on this new album we find the band growing making a bigger dynamic sound.

Opening track ‘Papillon’ is a slow burner, but by the conclusion you are ready to rock out with lead single ‘Crying is Cool’: a summery dream pop piece of perfection with doo-wop cool and soaring la-las, making for a smouldering moment of joie de vivre.


‘What Are Friends For’ is a punchy, rip-roaring song that fits the mould of directness as lead singer Willow Hawks’ vocal wages combat with the ukulele.

The band remind this listener of the earnestness and acclaim of Paramore: a female vocalist, universal lyrics and a connection with a varied demographic, yet they allow themselves moment of reflection and stillness with grander rock anthems such as ‘Shattered’.

‘The Brink’, which comes halfway through the album, is a hook-heavy banger and one of the more vigorous tracks. It recalls Jimmy Eat World.

Hot on the heels of another up and coming female-led band, Pillow Queens, it’s shaping up to be a great year for female vocalists already.

The zest that comes through the speakers throughout this album is paramount to its success. It’s a joy to listen to. Bear witness to a band harnessing the power of live performance into an album of real skill and capability.

The album is available to stream here or from Big Scary Monsters directly.

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