Album Review: The Menzingers – After The Party

Returning with their anticipated latest album ‘After The Party’, The Menzingers take a look at the themes of life after your twenties. Presented through energetic riffs and catchy rhythms, there’s a lot on offer to keep you hooked as it all unfolds. Maintaining a high level of energy throughout, the album keeps a solid pace as it progresses with each track, keeping the topic of each song to the point making it relatable and engaging without losing its way across its full runtime.

As an album it has great structuring. Transitioning smoothly from each track to the next, it has brilliantly placed moments of breathing room when required before it jumps right back into it. Kicking things off with ‘Tellin Lies’ and an intro that has the energy of a live show opening, it sets the tone for the album and outlines exactly what to expect.



Performances are all spot on too, highlighting individual talent but showcasing an overall understanding about how everything works together to represent the best of each song. It’s always great to listen to an album where the central focus is on fully formed songs that draw in the listener.

With an emotional undercurrent about reminiscing for years gone by and the events remembered most fondly, the lyrical content comes across in such a way that makes the subject feel more personal resulting in it being more natural and relatable. This is also represented through the compositions of the songs themselves. There’s a comfortable feeling of familiarity in the way the riffs have been structured that never crosses the line into simply reusing examples from the past for the sake of it, instead using what people know to bring the subject of the songs home to the listener in a very subtle way.

Even though at times later in the album it does start to feel a little like more of the same melodically, ultimately it’s still a solid album in its entirety. With a focus on creating complete compositions that bring a subject matter to life, The Menzingers succeed in having an album that highlights the key theme, keeps a great momentum and results in very addictive listening.


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