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Speak, Brother

There is a lot of acoustic music around. Not just at the moment, but that’s always been the case. It is timeless and never seems to go out of fashion. But in such a busy market place, it can often be difficult to stand out. You only need to go down to your local open mic night to see one hopeful after the next. No doubt some of them will be very good, but very few will have the commercial success they dream of. But there are those acts who excel, and take acoustic music to new levels. A few years ago Mumford & Sons headlined the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. Ed Sheeran has been packing out arenas and stadiums, filling huge venues often with just the sound on his voice and his guitar. So what makes these superstars any different to the wannabes you watch having a pint at the pub? Dumb luck? Maybe. Hard work? Surely. But the bands and artists who make it, seem to be the ones who lay their emotions out in front of the whole world. There is no hiding behind loud guitars or fancy production. Enter Speak, Brother.

This Easter the rugby boys release their new EP ‘Light Runs After Us’. It’s made up of four beautifully written emotive tracks. Whilst I’m not really a fan of making comparisons to other bands, it would be churlish not to acknowledge the obvious influence drawn from Mr. Mumford and his kin. But why not? They make noble mentors. This influence is never more apparent than on their anthemic folk track ‘Lion’s Roar’. Could it fill worthy farm in the same way as ‘Little Lion Man’ did? It’s early days, but who knows? In the time being you can experience them in folk clubs, fields, and even in someone’s front room. These are the intimate kind of venues they have chosen to promote their latest release. Humble beginnings. But it’s always great to really experience music in these close up settings. Wouldn’t we all have loved to see The Arctic Monkeys when they were playing back rooms of pubs?

Leading track ‘Slow To Now’ is most notably one to listen to. It is a chilled out, melodic lullaby, full of heart and soul. It would sound just as good at top volume through your headphones, as it would played around a campfire. So give yourself a little treat this Easter. ‘Light Runs After It’ by Speak, Brother is out on Good Friday, and would be a great way to relax over your holiday.

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