See: Whispering Sons apocalyptic video “Hollow.”

There is a very foreboding presence when listening to “Hollow”, by Brussel’s based group Whispering Sons.

It has that minacious post-punk tone one could draw parallels to early White Lies or if we were to push the boat out further cultivates a similar sense of unease “Swan Lake” era P.I.L fostered with its listeners.

The band themselves refer to the uneasiness within the track as “a serene and peaceful kind of doom” – hopefully when the end of days arrives for us all, lead singer Fenne Kupper’s voice beckons us to face our judgement. It’s a soothing way to face any form of demise.

Whispering Sons play The Great Escape later this year (9/10 at The Haunt, Brighton. Taking the stage at 8:30 pm to be precise), while their debut album, Image, is already available for your mass consumption.

A last meal before the apocalypse they foreshadow perhaps?

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