EP Review: As We Leave release new EP ‘Stop Making Plans’

As We Leave
As We Leave

The Breakdown

Four friends from the Isle of Wight merge Blur, Beach House, the La's and their own shared history to produce a an EP packed with glorious acoustic shoegaze anthems.

As We Leave, the quartet based on the Isle of Wight have just released their second EP, ‘Stop Making Plans’, which is the follow up to their debut EP ‘Everything to a Point ‘ which was released in 2020.

The band is made up of Caine Entwistle, Kit Joliffe, Kyle Abram and Tom Gardner and is based in Sandown. The four write and produce all the band’s music.

The latest offering from As We Leave is a gorgeous collection of 4 tracks that can best be described as acoustic shoegaze. The band reference bands such as Beach House and the La’s but deliver up songs that are uniquely their own style. The four members have been friends for a long time and they use this shared history to imbue their songs with a relaxed, knowing vibe.

Album opener ‘Rarely Been So Long’ is an ear worm featuring some cool harmonisation and would not be out of place on a Blur album.

‘“Rarely Been So Long” is a playful tongue in cheek nod to cynicism and comic disillusionment. We wanted the song to conjure up elements of Bulgakov’s absurdities but instead of the paranoia of Stalin’s 30’s era Moscow, we have the less dangerous panorama of a backwards Victorian island, stuck in limbo….’

As We Leave

The next track, ‘What We Become’ is a poignant lament about state of the planet. The cynical lyrics are delivered over a shimmering melody with chiming guitars echoing the evocative vocals. According to the band, ‘No Atlas’ is autobiographical – it’s a bittersweet reflection on growth and regret. ‘Wood For The Trees’ sees the band incorporating electronic elements into the song, which gorgeously offset the wistful, plaintive vocals.

As We Leave have delivered an accomplished and intimate EP that should introduce their music to a much wider audience.

‘Stop Making Plans’ Tracklist

Rarely Been So Long

What We Become

No Atlas

Wood For The Trees

Stream ‘Stop Making Plans’ HERE.

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