Track: Supercaan Shine On Hypnotic New Single ‘Zoetrope’

5-piece electronic infused indie-rockers Supercaan share their hypnotic new single ‘Zoetrope’. Describing themselves as “techno flavoured post-punk,” the band manage to capture an atmospheric alternative edge with elements of electronica intertwined with the sprawling indie sound, as comparable to the likes of Delphic as it is to The National and Doves.

Opening awash with dappled arpeggiators and atmospheric vocal samples which float around a reverb guitar line, ‘Zoetrope’ sets an etherial, atmospheric tone before head bopping live drums, driving bass and a wall of intricate, atmospheric guitar lines enter. The energetic nature of the instrumentation is contrasted with the understated, warming lead vocals, reminiscent what Matt Behringer brings to The National – a melancholic lead to give emotional depth to the soundscape.

As the track gradually builds, guitar lines gradually becoming more intense, the track is broken up with a subtle and muted middle eight, allowing the electronic elements to once again take the fore before the track burst back into life and peaks with a euphoric climax.

Speaking about the single, the band explain: “‘Zoetrope’ is a sharp observation on the double standards of the people in the top echelons of society who “get to set the rules” but “play by different rules”. A track built “brick by brick”, with each band member recording their parts remotely.”

A brilliant offering, showcasing mature songwriting and some excellent musical ideas, ‘Zoetrope’ is out now.

Listen and watch the video below:

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